On Sarah Palin

I don’t like Sarah Palin and I don’t like Liz Cheney.

But I agree with Liz Cheney on two things: 1) the media has exercised its sexism in its coverage of her, and 2) every time Palin is attacked by those who do not like her, her ratings are going to go up.

The latest report of Palin’s so-called ethics violations made me gag. Who’s fooling whom? There is no way Palin has been any less ethical than any of her male counterparts, yet we do not hear of these incessant ethics violations charges against them.

For some reason, the mainstream just does not like her, and apparently, many in her political world do not like her, either.

But if they (the media and the political sphere) think that they are going to destroy her or make her go away by keeping these charges coming against her, or attacking her, they are more naive than I’d like to believe.

Why don’t I like Palin? Because I think she represents a small, bigoted portion of America, not the masses. I don’t like her because she seems too ready to do what I think “the right” has done too much of: attack and prey on the fears of people. I do not like politics at all, and I especially hate attack politics.

It feels like, from the reports that we’ve all seen on television and read in the media, that the good ol’ boys did not and do not like her. Their sexism has been apparent, and I think they have pandered to the mainstream media that they say they hate, to get them to print and report their opinions of her.

I don’t think that’s right, even though the last thing I want is Sarah Palin in the White House. Sexism, like racism, is wrong.

It’s OK if the good ol’ boys don’t like her, but it’s not OK for them to manipulate the press to attack her. They are only garnering more support for her. The press has attacked her through attacking her daughter and her infant son. That does not bode well.

To make matters worse, her “almost son-in-law” jumped into the fray and has attacked her as well.

They are setting her up to be the scorned maiden of the political world, and for many, that will bring sympathy and outrage, bolstering her appeal, not lessening it.

I wish Sarah Palin would go away. It is clear that she is not. She is, in spite of my angst about it, being a very clever politician, and the men in power are too dumb to see it. She is playing them, and they are losing.

That’s just a candid observation.

2 thoughts on “On Sarah Palin

  1. I just learned of the Palin ethics thing today and heard the almost son-in-law last week. I agree that in terms of political gaming, any news gets your name out there. She was chosen as a running mate by a desperate man which failed miserably. That entire scenario was an insult to anyone’s intelligence. However, I am reminded again of John Kennedy’s statement, “Politics is the art of the possible.” So much for a desperate political gamble that lowered the bar for all time.

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