About Tiger

Well, I watched Tiger Woods’ statement about his indiscretions.

He looked pained and embarrassed. Some say he was robotic. I think he’s always been rather robotic.

But he finally said something, and for me, it was enough. I have no desire to know the salacious details of his sexual trysts. I ache for his family, his wife and children, and for all the pain this has caused his wife, mother, wife’s family, and friends.

But as I listened to the criticisms from media types after his statement, I was troubled, as I was troubled by comments on Twitter and Facebook from people who say they will never forgive him. Huh? Why?

It wasn’t enough, the media complained. He should have answered questions. He wasn’t sorry. It was typical Tiger. He wants to be in control.

They were angry about him being angry at media who have followed his 2 year old daughter to school. What, he doesn’t have the right to be angry about that? He was angry that rumors have circulated that Elin hit him. If she did not hit him, can’t he be angry about that, too?

The media acted like spoiled brats. One commentator pooh-poohed Tiger saying he was in rehab for sex addiction. Doesn’t exist, the commentator said. Um….. yes it does. Why else the clinic? This commentator said Tiger didn’t take responsibility for his actions, but blamed it on his addiction.

Well, I guess I heard a different version of his statement, because I heard him say, over and over, that it was “I” who messed up, “I” who should be blamed, “I” who must suffer the consequences. That is taking responsibility, isn’t it?

Oh, then there was the viewer who said Tiger said “I” too much.

OK, so I am confused. What should he have said? How should he have said it?

It is always a source of interest to me when there is a trial and at the trial or the sentencing, the reporter will say “He (she) showed no remorse.” But by the same token, if a defendant cries or looks pained, reporters will say that the tears did not seem to be genuine.

So, if you’re wrong, if you’ve done wrong, you’re kind of in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

David Letterman’s confession, ironically, was completely accepted. He hit the nail on the head, followed by a joke, everyone laughed, and he went on.

But Tiger, looking wan and worn, was greeted with skepticism and criticism, and I am trying to understand why.

Some say he isn’t sorry; that he’s only sorry he got caught. We all know he is sorry he got caught, and it is probable, in my mind, that he is sorry he did something so stupid. How many of us have done something stupid and had the good fortune not to get caught AND are truly sorry we did what we did?

I am not a Tiger fan, meaning, I don’t follow golf. I know he’s good and all, the best, they say, but golf doesn’t move me. I think it’s fascinating that people spend hours trying to get a little ball into 12 holes on a hilly and pond-filled terrain.

But I am a fan of human beings trying to make things right. I am one who understands that we all goof up. I am one who is clear that none of us know, at the end of the day, who’s going to heaven and who’s going to hell, and none of us have the ability to correctly see a person’s heart and spirit, and, therefore, their level of sincerity.

I am hoping Tiger will get his life together so he can salvage his family. I am hoping he and his wife can start anew.

And I am hoping the media will stop being such crybabies!

That’s a candid observation.

One thought on “About Tiger

  1. As soon as the news about Tiger came out I was shocked, but not honestly suprosed. Men who have either a lot of power or a lot of money or both are often times womanizers. I am in no way justifying Tiger’s affairs or actions, I am just stating facts. I, personally, feel that the only people Tiger needs to apologize to are his wife, kids and the rest of his family. Quite frankly Tiger is a celebrity and is famous for playing golf. Nothing that he did affected his ability to play gold, so the media and even fans need to butt out. It is perfectly okay to be disappointed in Tiger, but we do not know him personally and he does not need to apologize to the public or even in public. Affairs are a family issue and should be handled as such.

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