Organized Religion pushes people from God

I am getting more and more angry at organized religion.

I know, I know. Sounds kind of weird coming from me, seeing as how I am an ordained minister, a pastor at that. But there is a difference between religion and God, between religious dogma and God’s love, and I find myself screaming in my spirit when I read what organized religion does to people.

The latest story, or maybe stories, concern “the church” and gay people. There is a Catholic school which is refusing to re-enroll the child of a lesbian couple;the child is six years old. And Catholic Charities in Washington D.C. has decided to end its adoption and foster care programs because it doesn’t want to have to serve gay couples.

I am flabbergasted and saddened… and mad.

I take some heat, trust me, for standing up for the rights of gay people, but it is the right thing to do. I keep remembering one of my favorite movies, “The Long Walk Home,” where a white woman suffered horribly as she stood up for black people and gave her maid a ride to work (her home) and took part in demonstrations of what were then called “colored people” as they fought for their rights.

When you stand up for people who are being oppressed, you get socked.

But what is the choice,the alternative, if you believe in God? The God I believe in is the God of us all. God made all of us, loves all of us, wants the best for all of us. I am reading Jon Meacham’s book, “American Lion,” a book about President Andrew Jackson,who, though he called himself a man of and for the people, considered Native Americans worthy of being removed, by any means necessary, so that the new American government could have their land.

It makes me sick.

Either God is good or God is not. There is no middle ground. Either God is love or God is not. God cannot “sort of” love us and God certainly cannot ordain the way we treat people who are different. What is the hue and cry really about when it comes to homosexuality? Gay people are American citizens. They have fought for this country and died for this country,and yet,this country treats them like they are …the scum of the earth …and organized religion, that institution which is supposed to represent God and God’s love, treats them the same.

People say “the Bible says …” and then they give the couple of verses they have been taught without bothering to learn the history or understand the culture when those words were written. They say homosexuality is an abomination, but fail to mention all the other things which the Bible lists as abominations.

Meanwhile, some of God’s children weep and suffer …at the hands of organized religion.

Do not get me wrong. I am no hero and people I try to defend in the name of God hold no loyalty to me. I am an African American woman, and I have had gay men reject me and my ministry because I am a woman. Organized religion, at it again. People use the words of Paul to justify sexism as well. So, the oppressed practice the oppression they know so well.

But I still cry out in my spirit for what organized religion does to too many people. Where is God in the hatred,the oppression, the discrimination? Why is it that more people are not willing to stand up for the God they say they love and worship? Why aren’t more people willing to take a long walk home in the name of divine love and justice?

I just don’t get it. I probably never will.

That’s a candid observation.

2 thoughts on “Organized Religion pushes people from God

  1. With all due respect, I am an African American man who shares your loathing for organized religion; however, I love and believe in the One True GOD and His Son Jesus Christ. Your sentiments and experiential learning re the things of GOD seem to be very convincing with few exceptions to what I believe. In referencing the issue of homosexuality, I believe it is essential that you consider the basis of the homosexual lifestyle and it’s implications and impact on our society now and future generations. If we believe what the Bible says, which is the Word of GOD is true and that the carnal mind is enmity with GOD; you must also believe that the rights of homosexuals should not be based on their sexual orientation, choice or perversion. Adulterers, whoremongers and molesters claim no special rights to anything except the rights they are entitled to under the Constitution of the United States. No other ethnic or racial group, Blacks; Mexicans;Jamaicans,etc. has ever claimed their rights based on sexual orientation.Blacks did not claim any rights because of a sexual perversion but rather, based on the humanity of individuals as citizens of this country. African Americans specifically have never claimed any civil rights based on anything other than what we are guaranteed under the constitution. GOD makes it very clear that He hates carnality and is opposed to it and homosexuality is a carnal sin. If you are not convinced, please review and study the anatomy of the human body and how it’s intricate design is to procreate and provide companionship and pleasure between married couples made up of one man and one woman; not man and man or woman and woman. Homosexuality does not even fit the requirements of nature when the human body and it’s functions are considered. It is clear that all sin is contrary to GOD and all that He is, especially homosexuality; Romans 1:18-32. Further, please consider that religion and CHRISTIANITY are diametrically opposed to each other; therefore religion is NOT Christianity. Most religions include enough Christianity to gain credibility in their followers to gain loyalty and belief but religion is basically man made and designed to seduce others in the way of men. Christianity IS NOT religion. Christianity is what GOD has done for us through Christ and is presently doing. He received no counsel from any man when He designed and implemented His Christianity. Religion, in it’s most basic form is the theology of man; Christianity is the theology of the One True GOD and HIS Son Jesus Christ.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Gay people are American citizens and, as such, are entitled to the rights of American citizens. There is much, much most of us need to learn about as pertains the Bible and homosexuality,and I wish more of us would take the time to learn it! I urge you, Edward, to do some research on that subject.

      No matter one’s views on gay people, however, the ONE TRUE GOD says that we are to love all people. We religious types do not. We judge,criticize and push people away from God. That is a sin.

      Thank you again for your comments!!

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