Guns, Giffords, and Weeping

OK. So why am I weeping?

I am watching Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords being transferred from Tucson to a helicopter which will take her to Houston for more medical care and rehabilitation. Her progress, in spite of her horrific injury, has been astounding and remarkable. She did not die. So why I am weeping?

Because I am sad. I am sad that guns, assault weapons, are so readily available. I am sad that people feel free to use guns to snuff out the lives of others. I am sad that nobody is really safe.

I am sad because some people who use the guns to kill and/or injure others are “sane,” and others are insane, but that in the end, there is no effort to distinguish between the two when guns are purchased.

I am sad because I am afraid that many people who use guns to settle their issues have been sick or at least unbalanced, for a long time, and they were either unable to get treatment, or their family and friends ignored the signs because there is such a stigma on having a mental illness, and so sick children grow up to be sick -and dangerous-youth and adults.

I don’t like guns, but I don’t think guns are THE problem. I think the problem is that there are so many hurting and sick people, and so many dysfunctional families, that too many people are falling through the cracks-only to reappear later, rage in their hearts and spirits, and innocent people suffer.

I cringe as I listen to people describe people who use guns to settle their scores, as “evil.” I cringe because I truly think many of them are sick. And I cringe as I listen to newscasters talk about how Giffords’ shooter, for example, may get the death penalty. He committed heinous acts, and has to be held accountable, but I am feeling that, in essence, he may be put to death for being sick.

That thought sickens me.

As I am writing, I am thinking about how much difficult work there is to do to make this world better. I am glad health care reform passed. Maybe some children who are mentally ill can get medical and psychiatric help before they grow up and do something horrible.

There is work to do, to make people feel like they are special, so that they don’t hold hurt, grief and rage in their hearts. Bullying abounds. Kids bully other kids, but parents bully their kids, too, and it makes hurting souls bleed.

I am angry that Giffords was shot and so horribly wounded, and angry that Judge Rolls and Christina Taylor Green had their lives snuffed out. I am weeping because this is all so wrong…

But it’s wrong on a number of levels.

That is a candid observation.

4 thoughts on “Guns, Giffords, and Weeping

  1. It is important to be “sad” about these and similar acts of violence. It is important that the community lament and lament out loud, which is an act of resistance.

  2. I hope that she recovers and is able to speak on this. I think what she has to say about the availability of guns will have the greatest impact.

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