Don’t Let White Backlash Win

Thoughts from a couple of months ago. White backlash won.

Candid Observations

After the Civil War, when Americans of African descent had been freed from slavery through the Emancipation Proclamation, blacks enjoyed a season of being treated as genuine American citizens, with greater rights than they had had before. Some blacks had fought for their freedom in the War Between the States and had earned, they felt, the right to demand and to experience full American citizenship.  During Reconstruction, nearly 2000 black people were elected to public office on local, state and federal levels. They organized and became activists and advocates for the rights and black people. From 1867-1877, a period known as Radical Reconstruction, the Congress actually granted black people the right to vote. (

But Southern whites resented the gains made by black people; they yearned for the return of the reign of white supremacy, and they began undoing every gain made by blacks during Reconstruction. Using violence…

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One thought on “Don’t Let White Backlash Win

  1. This was not a contest … this was a white nationalist and fascist coup d’etat. I awaken this morning and throw myself out of bed with a profound sense of foreboding. My burning shame at my countrymens’ — my fellow white peoples’ — actions is quickly being scattered and driven away not only by this humongous grief, but by my survival instinct as well. I’m thinking that if this election result stands, it will not be long until we see the world’s fury, their shock and disgust, at our political naïveté, folly, and malfeasance as a nation; as a political system.

    Around the world, our fellow human beings’ ‘dégueulasse’ (disgust, nausea, vomit) will feel, taste, and smell as though it is filling our own mouths — this and other results results will be flung headlong at our doorsteps. For many of us, our capacity for survival will be directly affected. There is no more ‘safety net’. Tens of millions may ultimately die because of this, both here and abroad, without any additional wars being started or shots fired. Watch the financial markets and oil company stocks for indications. Get your ass in gear and be ready to mobilize yourself and your family. And make your peace with the Almighty (hint: it’s not Trump) and be as ready as possible to be swept away in a conflagration.

    But there may be another way. I believe the Electoral College was set up for instances like this. Just as a jury may nullify the results of a criminal trial, perhaps it is possible that we may charge our electors (the electoral college) with an emergency mandate: nullify the results of this election and require President Obama to remain in office until another election can be held. Is this possible? It may be the only way remaining to disallow a Trump presidency.

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