The Domestic Violence and Assault of America by the GOP

            It is said that rape is not an act of love, but is, rather, an act of power.

            And it is also known that domestic abuse is learned behavior; it occurs for a number of different reasons, including one having a sense of entitlement and a belief that one should have control and power over their partner. (

             From the outside, it looks like the United States and its form of government are  being abused and assaulted by men in power who feel like they have the right to do it. Their actions and verbiage are emotionally, politically, and psychologically abusive, and they, like so many abusers who scoff at authority and too often are excused for their behavior, are arrogantly flouting behavior in defiance of the constitution and the law. Their entitlement makes them believe that they can and will get away with what they are doing and they feel like they have the right to do whatever they want with “their” country.

            They are advocating violence if the president and his friends are not successful in overturning the election. They are, in fact, practicing voter suppression and voting fraud in plain sight. Members of the Congress and the Senate, cabinet members including the Chief of Staff, and a former military officer are all pushing the president to declare martial law.

            Like toxic abusers – be they male or female – who beat, scream and yell and, and oftentimes rape – these men in power are strutting around like peacocks, daring anyone to stop them.

            And nobody is.

            One of the greatest disappointments is that there are so many people in elected office who apparently do not like democracy. While they say “the Democrats” will make this country a socialist nation, they are, in fact, working to make fascism an American reality. They are not interested in the masses of people having rights – and neither are over 70 million people who support them. They make a mockery of the law while saying they supportive of “law and order.” It is like a law enforcement officer beating his wife, even while in uniform. Law enforcement officers are supposed to uphold the law, not blatantly break it.

            It feels like American democracy is on the ropes, doing very little to fight back. Like an abused spouse, America is taking the abuse, save for the courts that have rejected the over 60 lawsuits that have been filed to try to invalidate the election results.

            The men in power, supported, by the way, by a base which includes many who need democracy in order to have quality lives –are bullies, and are proud of it, doing everything but baring their chests and showing their erect genitals. They are walking fearlessly, indicating that they believe in white power, even if that means committing sedition and perhaps treason. They are not afraid of “the law.” Many who abuse others likewise dismiss the law even as they disrespect it. Law enforcement, especially as concerns violence against black people, act in much the same way and have done so historically because abuse of “the law” is built into their very formation. As early as 1740, civilians were required to serve in Slave Patrols, created to keep black people in line by any means necessary. They were trained to abuse laws that gave freedom and dignity to black people; invalidation of and breatking “the law” was what they were supposed to do. 

            The man in the White House is a pitiful sight; though many say they desire his strength, in reality, he – and his friends – are weak to a fault. It is a weak person who believes that the only way to exist is by controlling others; similarly, it is a weak person who cannot see anyone’s needs but his or her own. The weakest people are the ones who commit domestic abuse, who shoot and kill unarmed black people, and who ignore the laws and the constitution of this country, even as they present themselves as “strong.” They simply are not.

            The president and his friends are beating American democracy up, using the fists provided by their status as elected officials. America is showing the effects of the beating.

            My prayer is that the abusers will be stopped, arrested, censured, whatever can be done. The newly elected senators and representatives were sworn into office yesterday, and it was like an abuser being honored and promoted in spite of having engaged in reprehensible behavior. Those sworn in promised to protect the Constitution and this country but their promises were empty and meaningless.

            People who are abused take it until one day they cannot. When they fight back – if they do – the end result is often tragic. The abuse and assault of this nation by these power-grabbing men will only get worse. The question is, what will it look like when those who believe in democracy say “enough!” 

            That is a word which should have been said long before this.

            A candid observation …

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  1. Well said, Dr. Sue. Thank you!

    I have not seen these posts on social media. Is it ok to share?

    Happy New Year!


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