Black Kids, Dying

There are no vigils when black children are killed.

I have always noticed the difference in spirit and attitude when white children are killed, as opposed to that which is operative when black children are killed.

For the white kids, there are counselors sent immediately to the schools, prayer and candlelight vigils, and a sense of sadness that such young lives have been lost.

For the black kids …nothing.

To be fair, I haven’t heard many stories of killers going into urban schools – i.e., predominantly black schools – and shooting at random.

That’s not where black kids die.

Black kids die on the streets. Sometimes, they are killed by other black  people. Sometimes, they are killed by white people – not an ordinary white person, but, far too often, by a white law enforcement officer. Because they die at the hands of law enforcement officers so often, the attitude in the wider community seems to be “ho-hum. If the kid is dead, he/she probably deserved it.”

Nobody really seems to care …about black kids dying.

Can’t say much more about it now. It’s really a very painful …candid observation.