What’s Really Going On?

I am watching what is going on with the health reform town hall meetings …and I am wondering what is really going on.

America, the land of the free and home of the brave … is a smoldering volcano, ready to erupt.

I doubt it’s all about health care.

People are crying out, “I want my country back!” Their pleas are passionate and real, and I am wondering what they’re talking about. Back from what? Back from whom?

I read posts on Twitter and Facebook, and see outright anger, accusing the president of being a fraud. “A complete fraud” is how one person described him. I had an online conversation with a woman who refuses to believe that the president is an American citizen. Apparently, a lot of people believe that he is an African. CNN has shown his embossed birth certificate on television, but it is not enough.

A debate between a Democrat and Republican yesterday got heated; it was actually between Ron Reagan Jr. and Dana Loesch. In that debate, Reagan said that at one of the town hall meetings, a gun dropped out of someone’s pocket. Loesch was not disturbed or bothered; in fact, she quipped that he probably had a concealed weapon permit.

I could not believe her lack of concern for what could be a bad situation for a lot of people.

What is really going on? What are the people really mad about?

It feels like America is about to implode on her own unresolved issues. And I tell you, it is not about health care.

Someone said to me that Obama is playing the race card, and that’s why all this confusion is as it is. I was stunned. It seems to me that the president tries to stay as far away from race as possible. In fact, he has irritated me at times for not acknowledging more that racism and its attendant irrational hatred is America’s cancer.

What it feels like is that there is a group of people who are enraged that this African American man is president. They are angry and they are afraid, because all they have ever known about black people is what generations of black-bashing have taught them.

It feels like this group of people will do and use anything to get him out of office.

There was not this much antagonism against George W. Bush, who got us into the Iraq War on the lie of there being weapons of mass destruction.

All the Congress and president are trying to do is make sure more people have access to health care. Surely Americans are not against that?

No, I don’t think that’s the issue. I think the issue is fear of the African American, who he is and what he stands for. There is fear that he will make this a Socialist country. It feels like what I have imagined the atmosphere must have been like during the McCarthy era. People are as afraid of this president as they were afraid of Communism.

I fault people, talk show hosts and others, who feed into people’s natural propensity for fear and paranoia. They know what they are doing, and they are pleased with their work.

There is such a fine line between sanity and insanity. I have heard that there is a thin line between love and hate. It seems like, or feels like, insane hatred is growing in this country, spreading over the fabric of who and what we are like ink spreading over a piece of paper. It is uncomfortable.

I do not agree with everything President Obama does. I agreed with little President Bush did, and I thought he did an amazing amount of damage to this country and to its image. Not him personally, but his policies. But, the country survived, and even if people don’t like President Obama’s policies, the country will survive again. We always have…

What I am seeing, though, that is different than when Bush was president, is this insane hatred, based on racism. People are pushing and shoving and now, drawing swastikas. What does that say about what America is? Does anybody care?

It would be nice to get to know what is really in the health care reform bill. We won’t know what’s in it if we cannot get past our behavior at the town hall meetings … behavior which is not about health care at all.

America, own up. We won’t get well until we admit the illness.

That’s a painful, candid observation.

7 thoughts on “What’s Really Going On?

  1. If fear is an emotion aroused by danger or risk to one’s safety….then whose safety is at risk when poor children have access to decent healthcare. Similiar fear was expressed by Americans about 52 years ago outside a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Maybe their fear was that one day one of those children would become President. Support for Obama’s healthcare plan is once again causing Americans to expose those fears completely seperate from the issue.

  2. During the Bush years a term used to silence critical black voices was “angry black man.” Now that we are bombarded daily with voices of “angry white people,” there seems to be a mandate that this “anger” is not only louder but also somehow legitimate?!?! Let’s face it, there has always been a double-standard in America one white and the other black–it is yet a tale of two cultures. Since the time of the early settlers and the twisted notion of Manifest Destiny, this double standard of assumed supremacy has been the engine that drives this country–it continues to seek eviction of all unlike it in the interest of traditional privilege.

    I believe Obama is trying to maintain a cool head on these issues as this cancer racial supremacy continues expresses itself. The White House was never intended to house a black anything, much less a black person. Health care reform and access for those less fortunate is a good thing. However, when a “good thing” is vehemently labeled a “bad thing” for the purpose of shrill and pouting racism, something has gone awfully awry. Shakespeare was right, “Thou protests too much!”

    There will never be a president that everyone agrees with. Barrack Obama’s presence is a daily irritant to people who have always enjoyed the unlevel playing field of privilege. I find all of this just more of the same “spoiled brat” rants of people who just don’t get it that there are other people in the world who, though different, are not necessarily deficient. I pray for this country and those who can’t get over the fact that their “White House” is now legally occupied by a black man. They seem to be fueled by that old cigarette commercial line which said, “I’d rather fight than switch!” It is so sad, but it seems so true. they will unfortunately continue to blame Obama fro all things including the weather. A white actor had the audacity to call this Obama oppression. this will be a movie one day called, “Guess Who’s In The White House?” Perhaps Dr. King’s words are still, “I have a dream.” Me too!

  3. Your observation is accurate, on target and insightful. The painful reality remains that America has never confessed, owned up to, admitted — much less repented for– its original sin of racism.

    That original sin has now infected the entire body politic and like a malignant cancer that has metasticized, the hatred has attacked the brain, the mind the heart, the spirit and the soul of this country!

  4. The furor is not about health care. Health care is being used as the catalyst and camoouflage to misdirect a United States populace that can’t understand anything above an 8th. graders cognition ability. This is the delayed backlash that conservatives, pointed hat -sheet wearers, right wing assorted nuts and the truly rich have finally launched because a man that is identified as black and has lived as a black man was elected to be the President of the United States. Since the election, home grown radical/militias have grown and increased recruitment, training and other activities expotentialy. Where these nuts previously operated in areas such as Montana, Utah, Kentucky; they are now increasingly in states such as Michigan, and particularly Ohio. Health care is being used to galvanize the lunitic fringe, to divert attention from the real issues involving the Plan. The media hypes the distractions and rantings of the lunatics at the town hall meetings. The average american sees these idiots on the manipulated network “news” program and decides that the plan must be bad if people are so adamant about stoping it. What is truly sad is that none of the Americans that will be affected by this plan have even bothered to read it. After all, these people don’t read books, newpapers or anything of substance and the Health Plan Proposal is over 900 pages.

  5. My dad always says, “Look at the man behind the curtain!” We are all so distracted with the hype from the media we have not taken the time to go on line and read the plan for ourselves!.We need to read, read, read and then make an informed choice to support the plan or not. Many of the people protesting don’t have a clue what is really in the plan, only what they have heard. Now that is a dangerous observation!

  6. We know what is REALLY going on… America is not ready for change. And especially if the change is a Black Man in the Whitehouse. Just like the blogger said earlier the Whitehouse is a place for Black folks to visit not to live there!! However America better wake-up because not only is he there for the next 3 years but he will do another 4 years.

  7. The comments being made by Pastors(in the name of the Lord of course), leaders, CEO’s, CFO’s, military leaders, Insurance guru’s and Mother’s and Father’s sitting around the table that does not make sense. They call the current President a liar, thief, non christian and murderer!!! I guess the legacy of Father Bush and the emperor in new clothes speaks of truth(Weapons of Mass Destruction!!), legit earner of wealth(10 generations do not have to work at all due to the Oil industry wealth), throw religion in that always gets a rise and finally committed to saving and not killing people(note to self Weapons of Mass Destruction have killed eventhough we could not find them!!! We are killing our own). I’m not letting the Clinton Clan off, you know…. “I did not have sexual relations with …..”!!!! It’s amazing how in 8 months Obama is supposed to clean up what has taken 20-30 years to mess up!!! I pray for all of us. No America is not ready for change and yes the color of the one in charge has a lot to do with it.

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