Who Has the Country?

I have been listening to people declare with deep passion that they want their country back, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out who it is they think HAS the country!

There is a Democratic president, African American. Is it HE that these people think has the United States captive?

All I see is a president who is trying to govern through an amazingly difficult time. There is a ridiculous deficit which he inherited. We are involved in two wars, one of which we got into because the previous president lied about there being weapons of mass destruction. Then there is this health care reform thing, which has Americans acting, frankly, like they’re mentally ill.

What in the world has possessed these shouting matches, where opponents are shouting down proponents of health care reform, going so far as to shout down a woman in a wheelchair who cannot get health insurance? Is this America, the country that so many people in the world thinks is so much better than other countries?

The spirit of this country right now is putrid; the stench from all of our “isms” is spreading. Talk show hosts are spreading hate, protected by the First Amendment. I guess they don’t know that some people cannot handle what they are saying, and will use the words of their favorite talk show hosts to justify horrible behavior. I have to wonder if that inability to handle their dee-seated resentments and biases is the reason a so-called pastor has the audacity to get in his pulpit and say he hates the president, wants him dead, wants his wife to be a widow and children to be fatherless.

All in the name of God, he wants that.

It feels like the American people are being manipulated by talk show hosts, by insurance companies, by news reports. And as I listen to people scream that they want their country back, I have to ask again, “Who has the country?”

It seems, from where I sit, that the Conservative Right has the country, that big business has the country … and that they are pulling out all the stops to keep it that way.

“Change” is seldom welcomed, but never welcomed if it upsets the status quo. You cannot mess with people’s money, or potential to make money, and be a “favorite son.”  It’s the fear of losing the “status quo” that has people frantic, willing to go to extremes to protect what “used to be.”  We bask in “the way we were,” forgetting that there were and are things that were not so good. Still, change is resisted. It is scary.

I was thinking about the Biblical story of how the Israelites resisted going through the wilderness to get to freedom. How many times, according to the Bible, did they rail on Moses and complain and say that it would have been better for them to stay in captivity and die than to navigate the wilderness?

Moses lost his opportunity to get into the Promised Land because he got fed up and disobeyed God. That’s the risk of any leader trying to effect change.

I am pretty sure that the underlying reason for the upheaval in this country is that there is too much change in our faces, coming too quickly.  The election of an African American president was good and all, but he didn’t have the good sense to ride the waves that were already in place. He wants to change some things, and that has scared people half to death.

He doesn’t have the country, for those of you who are screaming that you want the country back. The Congress doesn’t have the country. Big business, corporations … THEY have the country, and THEY specialize in getting their profit at the expense of those who can least afford to support them. They live good lives while the masses of people grope for crumbs of their bread.

If someone doesn’t tell people that Barack Obama doesn’t have the country, there’s going to be a heap of trouble. People are getting more and more riled up; the momentum is building like an angry, swirling tornado, and if the tornado touches down, I am afraid this country will suffer damage from which it will never be able to recover.

That’s a candid observation.

3 thoughts on “Who Has the Country?

  1. The greatest fear is of the unknown. When the majority controlled they were cool, now they are afraid that he may just give some other “minorities” the impression they can do something for themselves and make something of themselves. That can’t happen, hence why our President can’t hold our children “HOSTAGE” for 15 minutes to tell them to what….TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!! That has got to be brainwashing political, non-christian mumbojumbo!!!!! Once again, I pray. With parent’s, school boards and teachers teaching you do not have to respect the President, how can we expect our African American young men to be respected in the schools, places of business and on the highway!

  2. This makes me think of an early childhood development principle related to fear. Babies we are not born with fear. That’s why you can take an infant throw him or her in the water and they arch their backs and swim- it is not until they are older they learn to fear drowning. So the question for us is when did so many people learn to fear an African American male so much so that even when he reaches the highest office in the land, there is fear we have lost the country? Rascism is a powerful evil that permeates the heart and minds of so many. Your observations are on point, and like Jerry says, the people who need to read it may never see it!

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