The more things change…

I am watching with interest the heated rhetoric rising from Democrats who are protesting supposed non-profits who are funneling literally millions of dollars into Republican campaigns.

It’s all legal, thanks to the United States Supreme Court ruling that said so. Donations can be made by corporations and other entities and who, exactly, is making the donations never has to be made public.

Sounds like the modern Ku Klux Klan.

Karl Rove has taken to calling President Obama a hypocrite for suggesting there is foreign money being donated. Both President Obama and Vice President Biden have sharply criticized these huge outlays of money, saying that the public has a right to know who’s doing the giving.

But the donors are protected, much like public officials and leaders kept their identity hidden as they donned white sheets and hoods as they waged a war of terror on blacks and Jews in this country.

Methinks that Mr.Rove doth protest too loudly.

It is cowardly not to say who you are. If you’re racist, say it. If you are a social conservative, own it. If you do whatever it takes,and pay whatever you have to to “get your country back,” say it! Take the sheets and hoods off! Own it, and stand on your principles as you do you!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The KKK is not as viable an organization as it once was; more people like to pretend that they are not haters of others, but the spirit of the KKK has not died. Just review some of what we have seen with the Tea Party; review some of what we have heard.

The move is on to get the presidency away from President Obama. Democrats, who should applaud what he has been able to do are hiding and avoiding him; Republicans are touting “Obamacare” as the single worst piece of legislation this side of the new century and are playing on the fears and ignorance of the electorate to fire up their base and wrest control from this administration.

So, these secret donations of mass amounts of money is in line with “the plan” to get control back, putting big business once again in the driver’s seat, big business which cares not for the masses in general, but only in how the masses can help it make more profit.

They will pay anything to win the battle, but they want to remain secret so that their images won’t be tainted. That would not be good for business.

As I have learned more about how political systems work, I have alternated between anger, disenchantment and disappointment. Nothing is as it seems to us, the common people. The “big boys” who are in power do not care about the masses. That is a sad reality.

Case in point: my insurance company will not pay for me to get screened for ovarian cancer, which runs in my family. It would seem a humane thing for this company, Medical Mutual, to care about its clients enough to support them in their efforts to stay healthy. But no, such tests are not good for the bottom line.

I wonder if my insurance company is among those giving donations to the Republicans but would not want us to know, we who provide them the means to live the lives they lead.

I think the modern KKK should take off their hoods, and own up to who they are. They are no better than the sheriffs and judges and doctors and teachers and police officers and nurses who were members of the KKK but hid behind their hooded costumes.

There are no crosses being burned, but to be sure, there is a lot of economic terrorism going on, and the effects, I am afraid, will not be good for the masses.

That’s a candid observation.

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