Money Cometh?

I don’t know about you, but it really bugs me that literally millions of dollars are being spent by politicians on these ridiculously negative campaigns while the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

It isn’t a partisan thing, nor is it a Liberal or Conservative thing. It’s a politics thing, and it is disgusting.

It would be different (maybe) if the millions being spent signaled that someone really cares about the masses of people. It does not. It merely means that “we the people” are being played, once again, courted for our votes but really kind of forgotten once the candidate becomes elected.

OK, so I am generalizing. There are some good candidates, and some good, honest and sincere politicians, but from where I sit, they are rare. There seems to be something about getting in power that taints a person’s soul; he or she quickly forgets from whence they came and succumb to the perks of power

Something is inherently wrong with a process that requires that the persons running raise so much money and spend so much money. I know, it’s “the American way,” but I am not convinced that in this case, the American way is the best way.

Why am I complaining? Because this vast expenditure of money seems to be a symbol of what America is: a place where profit and power trump people. There is little tolerance for the “have-nots” of this world. They are blamed for their condition and are looked upon as parasites. While people are living on streets and in shelters, due to a whole host of different circumstances, the politicians seem unaware and look the other way – toward those “haves” who can provide them with more money as they aspire to be in power.

What would happen if a politician said, in his or her campaign, that he or she, instead of spending millions on sleazy, slick campaign ads, they were going to spend millions of their own money to help a segment of the population get quality housing? Or, what would happen if a politician proclaimed that his or her campaign would be one of action, and not of empty promises, with that politician using all that money to improve shoddy schools or get equipment for inner city kids who have so little?

It would never work. Such a politician would be swallowed up by the powers that be. He or she would probably be accused of being a socialist. In a capitalistic society, there is supposed to be inequity, and besides, everyone knows that politics is a game of rhetorical exercises. If the truth be told, there are no jobs in this country, despite Republican ads that promise them. In the game of political rhetorical exercises, though, politicians are not required to give specifics. They just shape statements and arguments to appeal to and assuage the spirits of people who do not read, do not study and who rely on what they hear as their primary source of information.

That is sad and dangerous, but the politicians know it

And so they spend millions of dollars to manipulate the populace, encouraging them only to let them down once reality hits. Politicians pit people against each other, pit issues against each other and in essence, leave the country in disarray with promises to fix it all once they’re elected

Sigh. My vision of a more equitable America will never come to be, but I can’t help thinking about the people who could be housed,clothed and fed with these millions of dollars being thrown away. These millions are as much wasted money as are the dollars used to pay parking tickets, and in this country, in this economy, that seems to me to be a sad reality.

That’s a candid observation.

One thought on “Money Cometh?

  1. Great “candid observations”. I think the question is this: When did democracy and justice go on the “auction block”? to the highest bidder? Another residual effect of the enslaving of Africans and the indenture servitude of whites maybe?

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