Big Business Baking Cake

I have not watched or listened to the news since Tuesday.

That was Election Day, remember? It was the day that the tsunami hit the Congress, flooding the nation with vicious, swirling waves of anger, frustration and hopelessness, and taking out to sea many incumbents who at least appeared to care for “we the people.”

That was the day, Big Business rejoiced, unashamed that it had doled out literally billions of dollars to temper Big Government and had won. This while people are unemployed, losing their homes, losing hope.

Helped along by the United States Supreme Court, which allowed a method of giving to political campaigns that felt ominous from the beginning, Big Business arrogantly paid to get what it wanted, banking on the anger and frustration of people who were and are drowning in deep water created by …Big Money.

Bill Moyers calls America a plutocracy … a government where the wealthy are in control and continue to get more and more wealthy while the masses slip further and further into despair. For the wealthy, this “bad economy” has been quite good, and continues to be. They had and have a lot at stake in things staying bad. So, they paid up to protect themselves and their interests.

I keep wondering what is going to happen to “we the people,” you know, the millions treading water, trying to stay afloat. If many of their advocates are treading water, too, who is “in the House” to help them? Will more money be put into privatizing prisons? What happens to education? Many of the Republicans elected are in favor of slashing funds given to public education. What happens to Social Security?

And of course, there’s health care. These newly elected want to get rid of that, too. Not good for Big Business. Screw the people. We’re talking “bottom line politics” right now, and anything that threatens the bottom line has to go.

There will be money for military spending. There is big money in killing people under the guise of caring for them. If we can get into countries, we can build businesses there and hire people for pennies on the dollar, thereby helping Big Business get bigger.

I think I am beginning to understand.

Of course, underneath all of the rhetoric of this past election is racism. What is his name, anyway? Osama? Is he even an American? The Tea Party anger has racism stitched all through it. Ku Klux Klan hoods have come out, even if they have not been worn in public. Horribly racist signs were made and carried at Tea Party rallies.

Nobody admits that the country is brimming with racist-based anger and indignation. Those who bring it up are silenced, accused of playing the “racism card.”

It is played because it is forever there. It was only some 40 years ago that the Voting Rights Act was passed, allowing blacks to vote. America likes to pretend that racism is and was no big thing, but it is and it was. Big Business knows that …and paid billions of dollars to feed into the fear and anger of people who still bristle at being called racist, though they are racist at their cores.

Well, we’re on a new page, and it will be interesting to see how this new Congress addresses the needs of “we the people.” That group of people is not the concern of Big Business; it has always been Big Government who has reached out to help and empower the masses. Big Business could care less. In fact, Big Business needs the downtrodden, because they can be used to help Big Business get even bigger.

And yet, there is no outcry, no sense of outrage. Big Business knows that. Big Business has created a maelstrom of materialism, making the masses believe that if they just work hard, they’ll be able to join the ranks of the privileged wealthy, too.

It’s not gonna happen. The system is not designed to make it happen for the masses. There must be the many on the bottom in order to feed the greed of the very few on the top, the very few who, I remind you again, doled out billions of dollars to protect their interests. Those on the bottom are so gullible, so capable of being manipulated.

Let them eat cake. Big Business will bake it for them.

That is a candid observation.

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