Donald Trump is Wrong

Either Donald Trump is wrong or I’ve used illegal documents for myself and my children for years.

Trump said on CNN today that all President Barack Obama has produced is a “certificate of live birth” as his birth certificate, and, Trump said, “everybody knows that a “certificate of live birth” is not a birth certificate.

Trump’s statements made me curious, so I pulled out my birth certificate, as well as that of my son and daughter. They all say at the top “certificate of live birth.” They are notarized documents, and I have used them as legal documents to get our passports since forever.

So, what is Trump talking about?

It seems that “the Donald” is way off the mark. In his passion and zeal to reach for the presidency, it seems that he has lost his way.

The birth certificates I have for myself and my children were obtained from county clerk offices in Ohio, Illinois and Connecticut, states in which we were born. I wrote those offices asking for birth certificates, and those offices sent certificates of “live birth.”

So, I am confused about what Trump is saying, and I resent him making a big deal out of something which has been refuted over and over. The hue and cry of Barack Obama not having been born in America has never been silent by the “birthers,” who to me seem to be nothing more than a group of people determined to get President Obama out of office “by any means necessary.”

But maybe I am wrong. I urge you all to please look at your birth certificate and see what it says. Does it say “certificate of live birth?” If so, can you please post that information (not your private information, but just what your birth certificate says) on Facebook or Twitter or both, so we can address Trump intelligently, and tell him, again intelligently, that he is just wrong?

It seems like a contrived issue, one born of ignorance, arrogance and a couple of other things as well. If Trump is right, then I need to get official birth certificates for myself and my children. If he is wrong, then “we the people” ought to call him on it and ask him to, mercifully, shut up about it.

That is a candid observation.

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