“Our Blacks?”

Ann Coulter has the ability to get underneath my skin. I admit it.

But she outdid herself this week as she talked about black Conservatives. She was defending Herman Cain, praising him and other blacks who are Conservatives, saying that “our” blacks, meaning black Conservatives, are better than “their” blacks, of course alluding to Liberals.

It sounded horribly crude, racist, ignorant, and vintage Coulter.

“We,” black people, are not owned by any group. The era of us being owned is over, and has been, since the 19th century. We are no longer pieces of property, to be bought, sold or discarded at will. Coulter’s language seems to be ignorant of this reality.

That more African-Americans have been adherents to the Democratic Party since the days of FDR does not mean we are brainwashed, either. African-Americans, as well as working, blue-collar men and women of all races, have tended to gravitate toward the party which has successfully advocated, or seem to have advocated, on their behalf.

The Republicans, again since the days of FDR, have tended not to be so interested in that kind of advocacy.

Make no mistake, African-Americans, as well as working Americans of all races, are not dumb. We recognize that there is “de facto” advocacy and “de jure” advocacy; we know that politicians, whatever their party, will say anything to get elected. They will identify their base, play to it, and then do what they want once elected.

But Coulter, and any other Republican who might be so insensitive to spout such an ignorant statement, is not in the position to 1) refer to any African-American as though he or she are property, and 2) make a judgment call on who is better.

After the election of Barack Obama, there was the hue and cry that racism in America was gone. Most of us knew that was not the truth, but every now and then, someone will say something or do something that brings the reality of our putrid racial reality front and center.

Ann Coulter managed to do that with her outrageously presumptuous, disrespectful statements this week.

Surely, even some Republican will step up and say publicly that she was out of line … because she was.

That would be a candid observation.

5 thoughts on ““Our Blacks?”

  1. It’s all about shameless promotion. Ann Coulter knows she’s wrong. She’s made millions saying outrageous, often racist, stupid, provocative things. She does it for the reaction. It gets her name in the paper, the public dialogue, helps her sell books, make money. She makes big money talking small to a big audience that would love to return to some ficticious good ole days…

    1. It is shameless promotion …and it works. She knows how to push buttons and she does it well. She knows the most infuriating things to say.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ann is just saying publicly what many in her circle and beyond say privately when they feel safe and comfortable in their good old boy country clubs, corporate executive suites, and board rooms. What is sad is that as a woman she does not realize that the male dominated power structure that she seeks to become a member of is doing all it can to preserve its dominant status by using the legislative process to pass laws that strengthen the power and control that men have over women and their bodies. Hopefully, she will wake up before she experiences the harsh reality of being put in her place by one of her male colleagues turning the tables on her by referring to her in the same manner saying, “our women” our better than their women that is why “our women” are at home cooking dinner and taking care of the children.

    1. Yep, you’re right. I remember there was a classmate of mine in college who could not/would not own that she was a black person. .She hung out with all white kids …and then something happened, and she found out that so many of those white kids had never really accepted her. They left her to flounder on her own. It was the black kids who came to her aid and defense, and literally kept her from losing her mind. There are so many people, like Ann Coulter, who think that those who have rejected her will accept her if she works really hard to fit in. She won’t ever fit in…But I have to hand it to her, she’s a smart cookie! She knows what to say to get attention and make money. Geez!!!

      Thanks, Aaron!

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